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Working at Facebook: How I Got Hired in Digital Marketing

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I currently work at Facebook in digital marketing. I’m nearing my first year and I wanted to talk about my journey that led me here and hopefully provide some insight that might be helpful for your own career.


The main bulk of my job is running digital marketing campaigns for Facebook Business. I build the marketing campaigns, launch and optimize them and provide reporting during and after they’re finished.


But let me start from the beginning.


I became interested in digital marketing back in high school when I started reading about people making a bunch of money online. I tried to start a few websites and blogs in order to make money. They all failed, by the way.


But I did get pretty good at building websites. And I learned about Google Adsense, which led me to learning about Google Ads.


Fast forward a few years and I’m in college at USC. I originally went to Boulder, dropped out after one semester, and took the next semester off. My family thought I was dumb and they were scared I’d never finish college. But I enrolled in community college for a year in St. Louis (my hometown), got a 4.0 and transferred to USC.


So here’s a good tip. Community college is not only amazing for saving money, but getting a 4.0 is very doable. When you go to transfer, a college sees a 4.0 from another college and says, “Wow, they will succeed here too.” This is particularly helpful if you didn’t have the highest ACT and SAT scores, because they weight your college GPA higher.


At USC, I originally wanted to go for film, but I ended up getting a Narrative Studies degree and a business minor. But my major and minor never really meant anything. Internships were everything.


I’ll repeat that: internships are everything!


In the summer of my sophomore year in college, I got my first internship through a friend at NCompass International, which put on marketing events for big companies. It was a good experience, but I distinctly remember thinking how that type of marketing was not as measurable as my experience with digital marketing.


So, I made it a point to get my next internship in digital marketing.


My next internship was with a digital marketing agency, where I learned all things Google Ads for Search. After the summer, I continued working part-time throughout my senior year of college.


I later learned that this internship was the main reason I got hired at Fandango the following year. Fandango was my first job out of college and was an amazing place to learn because I worked on nearly every digital marketing platform there is.


Note: a recruiter found me on LinkedIn for this job.


Initially, Google Ads got me in the door, but after some time I was running Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, custom audience management, and doing projects with Email and Affiliate Marketing.


After two years though, a recruiter once again reached out to me on LinkedIn. This time it was for Facebook. Although I was living in Los Angeles, it made sense for me to move up to San Francisco and take the job. And here we are.


My role was tough at first because while I had a good amount of experience with Facebook Ads at Fandango, we’re weren’t spending anywhere near the amount of money nor running the huge campaigns that Facebook runs.


But after the first few months, I started feeling comfortable. And now, I feel like I can do anything.


So, if I had to think of some general tips:
  • Getting into a good college definitely helps, but perhaps look into community college first to save money and get good grades in order to transfer easier.
  • In most cases, internships are the most important factor in getting you a job after you graduate.
  • Learn great resume writing skills.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn is just as polished as your resume. I got both of my post-college jobs from recruiters reaching out to me on LinkedIn.
  • Always be learning and improving your skills. Skills make you employable.
  • And build your network. You never know where leads for new jobs can come from. I’ve had people refer me who I only met and worked with on a couple projects.


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