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Why Internships are so Important to Landing Your First Job


I’m currently working in digital marketing in my second job out of college.


My first job out of college, I got for one, main reason; I had a digital marketing internship in my senior year of college.


I know this, because my last boss, also the hiring manager, told me. He told me it came down to me and a few others, but because I had a good internship related to the job, he chose me.


Getting good grades in college is a good start. But employers are really looking for skills. Skills that will make them money or otherwise fulfill a need in the company.


Ultimately, they don’t want to take chance.. They want to know what they’re getting when they hire you.


Internships tell them that you have real-world experience with a real company and that you can perform in the position you’re applying for.


So, get on LinkedIn, get a few internships while you’re in college and land your first job when you get out of college.

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