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Expense Report: September 2018

Welcome to my expense report for September 2018.

I keep track of all my income, expenses and net worth data through Personal Capital. I also use a simple spreadsheet as a backup just in case my Personal Capital data gets lost.

I like to share my expense report each month to keep my spending accountable as well as share my thoughts and philosophies on how I choose to spend the money I earn.



I try to spend less than $2,400 each month, so as you can see I went a little over budget this month.


Here are the big ticket items, check out the video for more details.


  • $1350 + $21 for utilities
  • This will stay fairly consistent until I move. Utilities may fluctuate but are very low because we have solar panels on the roof, don’t use too much water and most of the roommates don’t cook much.
  • $520
  • This is all from my Epic Tahoe Local Ski Pass. I paid $49 to lock in the lower price awhile back and now this $520 is the remainder. All set for the snowboard season!
  • $233
  • Usually around $200-250, so not bad. Discovered a couple cool ramen places this month.
  • $83
  • Paid for this blog for a year! Not too expensive for a year of blogging.


My total for the month was $2552 which is $152 over what I try to spend in a given month. Also, I was about $400 over from last month. That said, I knew September was likely to go over due to the ski pass. So I did pretty well and would’ve been well under budget without the ski pass.

I’ll try to have a good October and hopefully stay a couple hundred under budget.

Looking forward to this winter in Tahoe, despite snowboarding being a pricey sport. But I like spending money on things that bring me enjoyment. Buying dumb stuff that doesn’t bring me happiness is a waste of money.

Have a great October!