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3 Reasons I Love Community College


I graduated from a 4-year university a few years ago after transferring from Community College.


I love Community College for a few reasons.

  1. The tuition is cheap.
    • I was actually paid to go to Community College as financial aid more than covered tuition and books.
  2. It’s relatively easy.
    • This allows you to get good grades and makes it easy to transfer to a really good school because your GPA is high.
  3. The money saved instead of going to a 4-year university for all four years is a lot.
    • The University I went to costs about $50K+ a year just for tuition. Living in Los Angeles is easily an extra $10K-20K depending on how frugal you are.
    • I was lucky enough to get a lot of my tuition paid for by the university and FAFSA, but I still would’ve spent another $40K if I hadn’t gone to Community College.

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